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Happy Holidays!

FREE CHRISTMAS BOUQUET OR FREE VIDEO ON YOUR CAMERA/PHONE For all weddings booked by December 31, 2019.

I am thankful to all of you, my readers, clients and your family and friends. You give my life a richer meaning, by giving me the privilege of serving you on your most special day, and in the planning of that day. I love to share the beauties of Maui and our aloha spirit with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon!


Merry Maui Weddings


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Posted on 20-11-2019
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There is still time to plan a Christmas-time wedding. Why not escape the snow and ice and freezing rain and bring your love to warm, lovely Maui?

Have you thought about the ring you imagine yourself wearing on your finger that special day? Why not check out pink diamond engagement rings australia for you to get some ideas on how wonderful and affordable beautiful rings can be! 

Let me tell you this place was way out in the middle of nowhere. Josh and I were driving on gravel roads forever, and we kept wondering, ‘are we going the right way?’ But, I must say, it was an amazing location! Bri and James got married outside on the property with some portable stages and then had their reception in a really cool barn. Feel like spicing up your bunny party, birthday party or other special event? The incredibly sexy male strippers from Barenights will be certain to have the time of your life. We provide a useful reference for the male strippers from Barenights. If you are finding for hens scavenger hunt then visit us.

Maybe, you were planning a wedding next summer? But, here in Hawaii, you can enjoy summer all year round and you can book your hens night entertainment. Or, were you planning a winter wedding with furs and boots? Romantic, but how about a strapless cotton dress with your feet in the warm sand and your happy groom in an aloha shirt? Spend your honeymoon swimming in blue seas with the whales and your evenings dining and dancing under the stars. If you still don’t have your wedding ring, then consider check out this great Engagement Rings Shop.

If it sounds good, why not check it out? Give your honey a plane ticket for Christmas instead of an angora sweater. Call us at Merry Maui Weddings. We can arrange a very affordable holiday wedding with very little notice.

Bring some family or friends, if you wish, or maybe just each other for a very romantic, private wedding with the services from Seattle CoolSculpting. We’ll have it videotaped for you and you can show it at your New Year’s eve reception back home. Think about it.

Free Christmas Bouquet
Romantic Holiday Wedding
Maui bride and groom celebrate.
festive holiday wedding
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Posted on 08-11-2019
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Ten years ago, I was blessed to officiate at the wedding of Beth and Casey. It was a beautiful wedding at Kamehamehaiki Beach. Beth had a wonderful tropical bouquet, a stunning dress and there was much love in the air.
I could hardly believe that almost ten years had passed when Beth called me to plan her vow renewal ceremony. I was thrilled and she asked me to duplicate the first wedding as closely as possible.
We reconvened on the spot on the same beach, and I contacted the same florist who recreated the same bouquet and had the most beautiful dining chairs provided by an event seating rental company. Beth and Casey looked even more wonderful than ten years ago. Of course, I changed the words of the ceremony to reflect the reality that Casey and Beth have grown in love and strength and experience with each other. Vow renewal is a beautiful thing because two people know each other well, but want to renew and strengthen their love.
I was so happy to be there with them again.



Re-exchange of wedding rings.

Renewed in marriage.

Photography by Desiree Maher.

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Sam and Ashley

For arriving at their wedding they did it absolute class with the best wedding car hire near Essex , they used a wonderful wedding car hire company, which gives the absolute best that we have ever seen.

Sam and Ashley brought family and friends to Maui for a beautiful and sweet Aloha Beach wedding. Much joy and romance shown through this couple and their guests.
Ashley and Sam enjoyed their heartfelt ceremony and the beautiful backdrops.  Photographer Desiree Maher guided them and captured their picture-perfect Maui wedding.If you are getting married soon, then consider getting a beach wedding for the best experience ever.

The ring exchange. #mauiringexchange

Kai Akin plays ukulele to serenade Sam and Ashley.

Family and friends celebrate.

The wedding party was blessed with perfect weather and beautiful beach conditions and did hair and make up for all the presents.

Happily “Maui’d”

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