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#mauiweddingleis Beautiful ti leaf leis


One of the best things about a Maui wedding is the lei exchange.  Merry Maui Weddings has leis in every package.  The exchange of leis between the bride and groom is a beautiful and poignant celebration.  The wedding couple will often give leis to their loved ones either before the ceremony or as part of it.  Our Maui wedding ministers guide the bride and groom through these lovely ceremonies.

There are so many gorgeous leis to choose from and we are happy to help.

#kukuileis Traditional kukui leis


#guestleis Your guests enjoy leis too

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A wedding is meant to be a celebration of love, but many weddings begin in an atmosphere of anxiety and tension. Something has gone wrong. The limo was late or the pink roses were too orangey or the breeze is scattering the petals all over the sand… something not perfect.

The groom and best man and I are awaiting the processional that will bring the bride to his side. He is smiling at first, but time is passing – no bride arrives. I glance at my watch – seven minutes late, not so bad. I regard the groom. He seems to be in a state of high anxiety. I say, “It’s okay, she will be here soon.” The groom shuffles his feet in the sand. Sweat is running down his face. He looks down and says, “She has been so nervous about this wedding. I can’t wait ‘til it’s over.”

His cellphone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket and looks at it as though it’s a man-eating tiger, about to pounce. “It’s her,” he says. “Answer it,” I say calmly. “Hey, babe…” he says in a squeaky, strained voice, “you comin’ down here? Okay, okay, see ‘ya soon.” He puts away the phone. “She’s coming. Her maid of honor forgot the ‘something borrowed’ garter in her hotel room. They’ll be right here.”

“Great,” I say. “Look at that gorgeous blue sky. “Yeah,” he mutters. “It’s been hard trying to get it all together.” He can’t see the sky. The conch blows. The harp player begins “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The bridal procession comes down the petal path and soon the bride is standing beside her groom. They look at each other, nervously. They try to smile and the ceremony begins. She doesn’t seem to realize it, but she is gorgeous.

After a few minutes, we get to the part where I say, “A marriage has moods and seasons.” They look at each other and one of them begins to laugh, then the other. The ice breaks. They clasp hands. They both realize they have already passed one of the tests of married love. Planning a wedding was stressful, probably much more than it needed to be. But, they made it. They saw each other’s dark side, but they’re saying “yes” to love!



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Merry Maui Weddings has a great selection of packages but we understand that people may want to add to them or create a custom package of their own. For that reason we have a selection of many services and items that may be added to your wedding. We only use the best service and product providers available and make sure your a la carte fits smoothly into your wedding.
Below, I have included photos of some of our more popular a la carte options: leis, tropical bouquets and flower circles. Please give us a call at 808-357-1171 to ask about our a la carte. If it isn’t on our list, we may still be able to get it for you.
Photos of our a la carte items were taken by Cathy Simone of Maui Imprints Photography.

flower circle and matching bouquet

assorted leis and tropical bouquet

kukui lei, multi-color orchid, ilima, tuberose lei, all white tuberose lei.

kukui leis

Merry Maui Weddings a la carte website link:

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