Posted on 25-10-2018
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Bouquets are back.(Not that they ever really left) Suddenly brides are ordering bouquets for themselves, and moms and and bridesmaids etc. I am glad because the more flowers at a wedding, the better, as far as I am concerned and a bride with a bouquet is a lovely archetypal image of grace and sweetness.
A bouquet can be anything from a few flowers tied together with a ribbon to a huge, wired engineering masterpiece of flowers that could adorn a Rose Parade float. My brides can order whatever they want if they give us enough time and have the budget.
However, Merry Maui Weddings specializes in colorful, original and affordable bouquets concocted from our plethora of fresh and fragrant tropical flowers. We like to add a few mainland favorites such as roses and lilies too, if they are in season. Pictured are some examples of local bouquets. Ask us what we can do for you:)



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Posted on 11-10-2018
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Photos above by Cathy Simone of Maui Imprints Photography.


Every year Merry Maui Weddings offers special gifts and discounts for the Holiday Season.

It’s almost Christmas and our holiday specials end on December 31. However, I want to offer something really big for the rest of this year. Merry Maui Weddings will give a free tropical presentation bouquet and matching boutonniere to any bride and groom already booked with us or who books a wedding before December 31, 2018. This gift does not combine with any other promotion and must be claimed in an e-mail to us. Please take advantage of this gift, worth $120.00 as your Christmas present from Merry Maui Weddings.

These are our specials, available now until December 31, 2018, for applicable wedding packages that are booked for any date, including weddings already booked when they wish to add on these wonderful services.

Video of the wedding ceremony, approximately 20 minutes, unedited: $145.00 applies to all packages without video already included. As a bonus, a live ukulele Hawaiian love song musician will perform during the video.

***MUST request special at time of booking.


Edited Video, approximately 30 minutes, with titles and music, and free webcast, $395.00. applicable to Elopers, White Gazebo, Moani, and Lahaina Packages.
If a package contains a bouquet, the presentation bouquet may be used for bridesmaid or guest bouquet.
Free boutonniere or hair corsage, for any wedding. No choice of flowers.




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Posted on 04-10-2018
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Katie and William (not the ones from the House of Windsor) enjoyed a most romantic sunset wedding on beautiful Aloha Beach. They asked for the Ipu Drum and the Hawaiian Lei Exchange, both traditional Hawaiian ways to celebrate a wedding. I think Katie and William enjoyed their Hawaiian style wedding.
Certainly, love was in the air. Cathy Simone of Maui Imprints Photography captured the lovely wedding and sunset beautifully.


Also read:If you are music lover and want to learn to play the drums then you must know that Like the other limbs, start with very basic exercises that coordinate all four limbs before trying to learn more advanced drum beats. Be aware that drum notation for the full drum set is much more challenging to read than snare drum notation because there are many more drums/cymbals involved.

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