Posted on 16-08-2018
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In part one, we saw Francesca and Ashton’s beautiful family wedding on Gannon’s lawn in Wailea.
After the greetings and photos, the newlyweds and guests promenaded to the reception waiting for them at Gannon’s restaurant, in the open air, lit by sunset flaming colors and torches. The tables were decorated with brilliant tropical flowers, that echoed the sunset colours. A delicious dinner was served.
Ashton and Francesca enjoyed, a ceremonial wedding toast and a cake cutting, while their family and friends cheered them on. it was a gorgeous reception and a day, that none present would forget. Cathy Simone of Maui Imprints Photography lovingly captured it all.




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Posted on 08-08-2018
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Ashton and Francesca enjoyed a gorgeous Maui wedding with their Mainland and Maui family members. The wedding and reception took place at Gannon’s restaurant in Wailea, which features a lovely lawn with a breathtaking view of the Wailea coast.
Francesca and Ashton were blessed by Maui family, that did exquisite local flower arrangements. Their florist made the most beautiful arch florals that I have ever seen. Two handsome young men, from their family, contributed ukulele wedding music.
Francesca and Ashton are a gorgeous couple and their love illuminated the Maui sunset evening.
Reverend Ayesha Sandra Lee performed the ceremony and Cathy Simone of Maui Imprints Photography captured the beautiful images masterfully.
Part two, The Gannons reception coming next week.





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