Posted on 16-05-2018
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You are planning a beach wedding and a very important consideration is “what to wear?”
You want to look more beautiful than ever before. You want to take his breath away. You want the dress to look great in photos and show off your figure to its best advantage. You want it to work on the beach.
I do not get to be with most of you while you are shopping for a dress for your wedding but I can offer you some pointers, gathered from 15 years and 5,000 brides.

1) MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT. Walk around in it. Have someone photograph you in it before you buy it. Look in every mirror. Are you sure it shows you off to your best advantage?

2) MAKE SURE ITS COMFORTABLE. If you are not comfortable, you will not look happy and carefree. You need to be able to breathe if it’s too tight. You will not be able to relax if its always falling down. If its too hot and the fabric does not breathe, you will be uncomfortable and you will sweat, not the most attractive look for a bride.

3) DOES IT TRAVEL WELL? Check your airline. Do they allow boxes or travel bags? The beach does not have dressing rooms. Choose a dress that will not wrinkle on your drive from your accommodation to the beach.

4) SHORT OR LONG? Generally speaking, short dresses work most easily for beach weddings but as you can see from the photos I have enclosed here, long dresses can be magnificent on the beach. Consider if you will have someone to carry the train if you want one, even if it is a loving fiance. Dragging your train will result in twigs, sand, pinecones, small animals, dead fish, etc. being part of your entourage.

5) FIT, FIT, FIT. Your dress must fit well, not just the day you try it on but on your wedding day. You may gain or lose weight after your selection, so don’t buy it too much in advice. You will not be comfortable if it does not fit perfectly.

6)Comfort really is so important, that I am repeating this item. I assure you, you will be happier, more beautiful, and more photogenic in a 50 dollar beach dress that fits and is comfortable, than in a 10,000 dollar couture dress, that does not fit or makes you uncomfortable in any way. Comfortable does not have to mean shorts and a t-shirt. Comfortable can be elegant and is essential for beauty and sexiness.

7) WHAT IS YOUR GROOM WEARING? If your groom insists on shorts and a polo shirt as his ultimate wedding outfit you may want to reconsider a Royal Princess, wedding gown with a ten foot train and veil. It just looks strange in the photos, like Beauty and the parking lot attendant. If you want to go for it, and you can still be very happy but think about the enlarged, framed wedding photo over your fireplace, and your grandchildren gazing at your wedding album.
Enough said. Be happy and wear your hearts on your sleeve and everything will be fine.

All photos by Cathy Simone, Maui Imprints Photography.






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