Posted on 30-10-2013
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I often offer brides counsel about their wedding dress selection. Often they are quite frustrated about the selection of dresses available, or that none of them fit.

I often recommend brides to wait until they arrive here to purchase a dress. They are often surprised by this suggestion, not imagining that there is a wide spectrum of choice of almost any kind of wedding dress you can think of, and many you have never thought of. Although, if you want to get married on other place and country I recommend dress hire online, where you can easily choose your favorite one at home, for any event you can imagine.

I frequently say that the kind of dresses you see on the mainland are better suited for church weddings on the mainland. Here you will find many styles of dresses that are perfect and lovely and affordable for a beach wedding. You can also buy or rent formal wedding dresses here and make wedding dress alterations.

I know shops that sell designer original dresses at a price you will be surprised to find is very affordable. You will never see another bride in that dress. If you have a few days before the wedding, you can have custom altering.
I remember one bride, whose mainland wedding dress, was lost in luggage, found a perfectly fitting gorgeous dress ONE HALF HOUR before her wedding. (I am not recommending that, just telling the story to illustrate it can be very easy to find the perfect wedding dress right here on Maui.
Call me, toll-free at 888-588-0400 and I will be happy to suggest stores and websites you might want to check out before you come here, of even after.
Have a wonderful day.

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