Posted on 22-10-2013
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What to do if you elope, with your friends and family left behind, when you enjoy a romantic Maui beach wedding, on your own?
We have organized several solutions. Many elopers families insist on giving them a reception, when they get home. This is an easy solution and we make this more ideal, by providing a photo rush and often a video, so they can bring the beauty back home. The video is often shown on screens in the reception venue and photos displayed on collages in strategic places.
Another option, that can be combined with the video or done alone, is the web video, so that family members and guests can watch the Maui wedding ceremony at home. this is often celebrated with a party, where family and friends come together at shared site with dinner and drinks.
Some brides and grooms bring their tablet and we bring a table so that it instantly brings the wedding ceremony into the homes of loved ones.
Merry Maui Weddings truly cares for the ones left at home, when a couple wed on Maui, and will always be delighted to work out solutions to bring them to the wedding through amazing technology of our age.

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