Posted on 11-10-2011
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We have the most amazing flowers here in Maui. God was really showing his most colorful, spectacular and bright side, when he created Hawaiian flowers. After 32 years of seeing them, I am still surprised and delighted at these vivid, diverse and fragrant creations.

As a wedding planner, I speak to brides almost every day, about flowers and am sometimes a bit disappointed about how many brides choose flowers they are used to seeing at weddings back home. I understand the human tendency to favor the familiar. However, choosing a Hawaiian wedding is already a great adventure and departure from the norm, so why not stick with that adventurous spirit?

Of course, a rose or white calla lily bouquet is pretty and adequate. However, why not be daring and opt for a tropical bouquet with astounding protea or tropical orchids? Not only do Hawaiian flowers befit your Hawaiian wedding, they are also practical. I learned this when I went to London and took a class about gardening, so if you’d like to learn some serious floristry skills then you can take a floristry course which can take you up to a professional level. They grow here, so they are fresh and less expensive than imported flowers, and hold up better in the heat and sun. So, my advice is to pick Maui flowers for your Maui wedding. I predict, you will be pleased and your friends will be amazed at your wedding photographs filled with tropical colors.

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Posted on 01-10-2011
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This is a direct plea to wedding guests, and the brides and grooms that invite them: Please don’t have everyone be a photographer (and/or videographer) during, at least, the ceremony portion of your wedding. It hampers the wedding and destroys the photography by the professional photographer you have hired. This situation is getting worse every day, to the point that sometimes every single guest is pointing a camera, even though a professional photographer is present, already doing the job, and doing it better than a non-pro could ever do.

I am not exaggerating. This is a typical scenario we see: “Dino & Desiree” have been working with us for nine months to create a beautiful Maui beach wedding with 20 guests. Finally, the great day arrives. The bride and groom look perfect in their wedding attire, standing in the lovely flower “Circle of Love.” A guitarist strums sweet Hawaiian music. It’s a gorgeous day in Maui. The photographer and videographer are in place. The minister begins the ceremony at the blowing of the conch shell, and all but two guests leap to their feet to take photos! The remaining two are the elderly grandparents – they take photos from their chairs.

This doesn’t look right, no guests, just wannabe photographers, running around, getting in the way of the processional, the aisleway and the professionals that the bride and groom had thoughtfully hired so that the guests could relax and enjoy the wedding. One cannot properly appreciate a wedding through the viewfinder of a camera. After the ceremony, when guests are supposed to be in an orderly receiving line, they are running amok, stumbling over each other, tripping the professional photographer, to capture precious moments on camera, instead of living them. The hired camera people can scarcely get an unobstructed photo of the bride and groom and precious greetings are clumsy and rushed. Then, the pros attempt to photograph group shots, but the guests have their own agenda, trying to arrange their own shots and, again, getting in the way.

Finally, the pro photographers try to lead Dino & Desiree to a secluded part of the beautiful Maui beach cove for some romance beach photography. But, the guests won’t take the hint, and follow, acting like paparazzi, refusing to grant privacy to their bride and groom. Later, in the studio, we view the results, which can be discouraging. So many photos are ruined by people holding cameras against their faces. It looks quite ludicrous. So many of the romance photos feature guest photographers who have leaped into the scene being photographed, even during the ceremony, pointing their cameras, completely unaware that they are in the backgrounds of the photos being taken.

Please, wedding guests, don’t be paparazzi, behave as guests. You can discreetly take some photos before and after the wedding. But, let the pros do their job and ask the bride and groom to send you prints or email images. You will see yourselves looking lovely and relaxed, instead of crouching with a camera in front of your face. The bride and groom will have a beautiful wedding and great professional photographs. If the bride and groom can’t afford professional photographers, assign one or two guests, only, to take photos. You will be glad you did.

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