Posted on 20-07-2009
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Okay, this is the question, ladies: Do you want to wear your wedding dress or do you want it to wear you (out)?

Last week, I saw a clear example of a dress wearing a bride. Tina and Tony (not their real names) planned a Maui beach wedding with a few family members and friends. Overall, it was a beautiful wedding, but there were a few problems.

1) Tina was late to her wedding.
2) She had difficulty posing for the spontaneous, playful beach pictures.
3) She was hot and uncomfortable.
4) She was very late to her reception.

The above problems were all caused by “The Dress,” which was a modified version of what Princess Diana wore to her ill-fated wedding. Diana’s dress worked because her wedding was in a huge church and she had a limo and a zillion attendants.

Tina’s “Dress” did not work, because she had a beach wedding, no limo, and only one overworked attendant. Tina was late because The Dress was hard to get on and then, worse, did not fit in the compact car planned to take her to her wedding. She had to be crammed in with the seat all the way back and the dress stuffed up to the ceiling of the car. The groom informed us that the process of stuffing the bride and her dress into the car took one half hour and three persons. Thus, Tina was late, forcing her guests and wedding staff to wait, uncomfortably, in the bright Maui sun.

The Dress was disastrous in the sand. Her bridesmaid and groom tried to manage the “runaway train,” but it was difficult to do. Sea creatures, shells, seaweed and a small surfboard all ended up netted in that train (small exaggeration – there was only a small piece of surfboard).

Then, there was the exhausting, undignified struggle to get her and The Dress back in the car, to the restaurant, and then back out. Thus, she missed much of her reception. She enjoyed her wedding and reception, but it probably would have been better without the “Tyranny of The Dress.”

Subsequent articles will ad”dress” other dresses, inappropriate for their bride and/or event.


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Posted on 08-07-2009
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Fourth of July was gorgeous, as usual, on Maui this year. Many couples are very excited on this day, preparing for their sunset beach wedding, followed by gorgeous fireworks exploding in the sky over them, and reflecting off the ocean, everyone with great food and drinks all approved from the reviewbrewery. Yes, the Fourth of July is a popular day for Maui beach weddings. Some people have commented that they day seems an odd choice for a celebration of marriage, since it is a very worldly kind of holiday.It’s true that Fourth of July festivities often are full of beerdrinking before noon, loud parties and even louder firecrackers, but I believe that the Fourth has a deeper meaning – after all, it is a commemoration of the birth of the United States of America, “…one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” How beautiful is that?Our founding fathers understood that God created us, as free people, and that loving Him back is a gift freely chosen and given. When I perform a Fourth of July wedding, I often explain that celebrating commitment on a day that commemorates freedom could be seen as a paradox – however, commitment is a decision we freely make, to live in the grace of true love. This love sets our hearts and spirits free!

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