Posted on 03-11-2008
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There is still time to plan a Christmas-time wedding. Why not escape the snow and ice and freezing rain and bring your love to warm, lovely Maui?

Maybe, you were planning a wedding next summer? But, here in Hawaii, you can enjoy summer all year round. Or, were you planning a winter wedding with furs and boots? Romantic, but how about a strapless cotton dress with your feet in the warm sand and your happy groom in an aloha shirt? Spend your honeymoon swimming in blue seas with the whales and your evenings dining and dancing under the stars.

If it sounds good, why not check it out? Give your honey a plane ticket for Christmas instead of an angora sweater. Call us at Merry Maui Weddings. We can arrange a very affordable holiday wedding with very little notice.

Bring some family or friends,┬áif you wish, or maybe just each other for a very romantic, private wedding. We’ll have it videotaped for you and you can show it at your New Year’s eve reception back home. Think about it.

Usually, Christmas is the busiest time of year for tourism in Hawaii, but, because of the economic downturn, you should be able to find an inexpensive place to stay during this normally very busy time. So, what’s keeping you in the tundra? Come to the land of sunshine and blue waters in December.

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