Posted on 15-06-2008
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Amy & David were wed on Sugar Beach in Maui, employing our Summer Romance package. It’s a great wedding for a young couple, on a budget, who want something beautiful and sweet with great wedding photos.

Amy & David met 7-1/2 years ago when Amy was still in high school and David had just graduated. They were working at the same fast food restaurant. At first, they had to date secretly because of company policy. David quit his job so he could openly date her and they have been a couple, ever since.

They decided to delay marriage until they had their careers and finances in order. So, they focused on their schooling, Amy her nursing and David as an engineer. They graduated, obtained good jobs, and decided that they were ready for marriage.  They saved money and planned for a Maui wedding and honeymoon, which they fully enjoyed. They picked a lovely color scheme – cobalt, white and lavender, which the sunset that day cooperated with.

Amy & David are planning to finalize the purchase of their own home when they return from their honeymoon on Maui. My mother tells me that their judicious planning and dicipline were very common with couples in previous generations. Sounds very sensible to me.  

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