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David and Nicole’s wedding on Gannon’s Lawn was very beautiful in the classic style of a traditional garden wedding. But Nicole and David and their friends and family gave the wedding a very contemporary feeling with their wit and playfulness. It was truly a wedding that everyone enjoyed as can be seen in the photos by Desiree Maher.

The Procession at Gannon’s
Nicole’s Dad leads her to the alter
First dance on Gannon’s Lawn

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Nicole and David planned their beautiful Maui wedding many months in advance with much love and attention to detail. They had so many wonderful ideas, which I was happy to help them with.
They chose Gannons Wedding Knoll for their ceremony and pre-wedding activities.
Nicole and her girls had so much fun getting dressed and fabulous looking in the spacious dressing rooms.
David and his groomsmen were very handsome as they waited for the glittering and beautiful ladies to arrive.
Desiree Maher was on hand for all of the festivities to capture amazing day in all of its glory.

Bridal party getting dressed

All beautiful and ready to go      #bridalparty

David and the best man #bestman

The Groom’s party #Gannonsmaui

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Everett and Rotanda returned to the Kula Botanical Gardens of Maui for their 15 year vow renewal. (see last week’s blog entry, if you haven’t already) They loved their first wedding so much they recreated it as close as possible, they even hired the wedding party rentals los angeles again, by choosing the same Maui wedding planner and minister (myself), the same site and the same love song. They even repeated some of the same photo poses, which demonstrate they even look the same now as then.
One thing changed: Their love has grown even more passionate and beautiful:)



I was delighted to perform a ceremony for Everett & Rotanda again 15 years later.


Rotanda & Everett’s family and friends celebrate!


Renewed in Holy Matrimony!
Photography by Desiree Maher.

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It makes me so happy to write about the wedding of Rotanda and Everett and their vow renewal 15 years later. They are sweethearts to each other and to all who meet them. I loved their first wedding at the Kula Botanical Gardens 15 years ago and was so touched by their love and devotion to each other, and their bright, sunny outlook on life.
So I was completely thrilled and honored when Rotanda called me to say she wanted to do a vow renewal in the same place and with me as a minister again. It was wonderful!
Below are photos from their original Maui wedding.




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Alana and Casey came with their family to celebrate their wedding Maui Style on 505 Front Street Beach. The day was perfect everyone enjoyed the beauty of the blue sky, waves, and bright afternoon sun.
Alana and Casey enjoyed their heartfelt wedding ceremony and receiving the best wishes of their exuberant family members. The children were very thrilled to play in the sand, while Casey and Alana posed for their post-wedding photos, taken by Erica Tait. Everyone enjoyed the music of Rev. Kai Akin.
It was a wonderful wedding and a beautiful day.



#alanaandcasey #husbandandwife


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This fun tour is something to check out. It provides the beauty of Hana with half the travel time. Relax and be driven to paradise with friends or family. The link with all the information is below.

Halfway to Hana Tour

Halfway to Hana


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Maui Legend Tours Facebook post: July 24 at 10:30 AM ·

Maui Legend Tours is pleased to announce our newest partnership, with Merry Maui Weddings. If you or someone you know is considering a Maui wedding, this is the company to call. Company founder/owner, Ayesha Sandra Lee, is the consummate professional and a true artist in her field. With over 17 years of experience in the wedding planning industry, coupled with her absolute commitment to the client experience, Merry Maui Weddings is an excellent choice when planning your wedding on the island of Maui, since exterior weddings are a thing now a days, and many people decide to get an outside wedding venue near sevierville to enjoy their special day.

Maui 24/7 #weddings #mauiweddings #weddingplanners Kula, Hawaii Road To Hana – Maui Hana Highway Hana, Hawaii Maui Legend Tours Jack The Legend Haleakalā National Park #tours #toursonmaui #privatetours

Click on the above link to learn much more!
Contact info: (808) 866-0609 Email: MauiLegendTours@gmail.com

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"I now pronounce you man and wife!" #justmauid

There are few things in this world as beautiful as a wedding celebrated on a sunset beach by two people truly in love. Travis and Kimberly were a perfect example of this beauty and wonder.
Everything worked together so well to create this wedding ceremony. The beach was empty, the weather perfect, the wedding attire perfect, the couple beautiful, but most of all Kimberly and Travis’ love created a magic bubble of light and wonder that was a joy to witness. Desiree Maher captured this golden time with great skill and sensitivity.

"First dance" #romanticbeachwedding

"We did it!" #mauibeachwedding

"Forever love" #mauisunsetwedding



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Kimberly and Travis wanted a wedding full of love and originality. They chose our Eloper’s Simple and Sweet beach wedding.  Travis and Kimberly looked wonderful in their white cotton wedding wear, their simple elegance enhancing the pure love they radiated, and they decided to have they reception in a spring farm from mintspringsfarm.net which was a perfect location for this.
I liked Kimberly and Travis reading their own handwritten vows to one another. Each was so moved by the other’s declarations of love. They brought tears to my eyes too.
Maui shed its blessings upon this couple with a private cove at Aloha Beach and perfect weather. I will always remember this very poignant wedding.  Photography by Desiree Maher.

Wrote their own vows #writeyourownvows

Was moved by Travis’ vows #mauibeachwedding

Joyfully in Love #romanticmauiwedding

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"We're Married" #mauibeachwedding

Natica and AJ enjoyed a very loving and beautiful beach wedding and then enjoyed romantic moments on the beach that Desiree Maher captured in her lovely photos. AJ and Natica truly appreciated the beauty of their chosen Maui beach in the golden pre-sunset glow.
Afterwards, they frolicked around different parts of the beautiful beach park, enjoying the feeling of being “just mauied”.
I predict a wonderful life, full of love and adventure for AJ and Natica and a return to Maui in the not too distant future.

"Palm Trees" #beachwedding

"We'll remember this moment forever" #mauisunsetwedding


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